Stand Alone Modules

Each module is available standalone. There is no set date, you start as soon as you have registered. There are learning outcomes, lessons and assignments for each topic. But you can take them at your own pace. If your chosen module has a practical portion, for the standalone modules you can choose whether you want to come and attend the practical portion, which will be held at either our Greenwood or Pritchard Campus. (Check the calendar)

Some modules have prerequisites.


The practicals for Hoof Care, Saddle Fit and Conditioning and Handling are 2 days each and you can choose if you want to take that next step. We do encourage all students to attend practicals but we understand this is not always easy. Think of it as an EDUVACATION and come and enjoy beautiful British Columbia, and do some learning and have horse time along the way!

Check the calendar for more information.

Therapeutic Techniques

This module has ALL modules as prerequisites, and the full practical and exams are MANDATORY. You do not need to take the individual module practicals.

This is a 2 week intensive with exams, then you have to submit a 50-hr case study/practicum. This module is the only one where you receive certification.