Conditioning and Handling begins with the basics of horsemanship and groundwork. It is another piece of the puzzle and the greater picture of whole horse care. These simple exercises become the foundation of conditioning and physical therapy to help strengthen and improve isolate portions of the body to enable fluid painless movement. 

Learn key exercises to help strength weaker areas on your horse due to injury, time off or ill fitting tack. Combine these physical therapy exercises and workouts with therapeutic techniques for a total body treatment program for you horse.

In this topic, students will:

  • Handle a horse quietly using the principles of pressure and release

  • Guide a horse in hand through and over a series of obstacles displaying knowledge and understanding of balanced horsemanship techniques

  • Assist in rehabbing an injured or imbalanced horse.

C: Conditioning & Handling

  • C1: Safe Practices

  • C2: Equine Physiology

  • C3: Evidence Based Horsemanship

  • C4: Conditioning and Rehab 1

  • C5: Stretching

  • C6: Conditioning and Rehab 2