Kheiron College of Equine Therapy is a new school with new ideas in the approach to Equine Performance Therapy.

Welcome to Kheiron College of Equine Therapy!


To offer a well-rounded and thorough diploma program for students wishing to follow a career in Equine Performance Therapy.

Based in Aldergrove, British Columbia, we aim to provide an all-round and in depth education in the field of Equine Therapy. This is a 12-month part time diploma program in "Equine Performance Therapy".

The home of Kheiron College is at Silver Star Stables in Aldergrove, a lush 20-acre equine haven home to approximately 30 horses and a donkey!

We are a registered college governed by PCTIA: Private Career Training Institutions Agency. PCTIA was created to carry out the important role of student protection in the private career training sector. It is committed to protecting student interests.

At Kheiron we have a code of conduct that students and instructors all follow:

  •  K: Kindness - we are kind to the horses and kind to each other.
  •  H: Honesty - we strive for honesty in all that we do.
  •  E: Effort - we give it our all!
  •  I: Integrity - we work to be the best we can be without sacrificing honesty, integrity and strength.
  •  R: Respect - we respect each other, students, instructors and horses.
  •  O: Open-mindedness - we encourage an open mind in all disciplines and modalities.
  •  N: Natural - we embrace the natural form and movement of the horse.

Therapeutic Techniques


Learn different techniques in massage, accupressure, myofascial adjustments, myofascial and active release,  spinal manipulation and realignment (through the soft tissue) All our techniques are based on myofascial release and manipulation. 


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Learn the importance of anatomy: the equine anatomical structure and how the muscles of the body work together

Conditioning and Handling



Handling, horsemanship, communication, the fundamentals of groundwork and the importance of conditioning exercises in support of therapeutic techniques

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"I recently imported stallions from Europe, as you can imagine to travel all the way across the world, the quarantine process and then a long haul before they finally getting home can be really stressful on some horses. After having the horses a few days at home, I noticed that one of them didn't "feel right" so I call Amy to see if she could help him out. She was able to spot the issue with the first few steps and address the issue right away. When Amy came back the week to follow up, we were both able to notice that he was back to normal and didn't need further treatment. I would strongly recommend Amy for her knowledge, common sense and genuine care for the animal."