Without a hoof we don't have a horse. The feet are SO important as as therapists we need to recognize body ailments, and misalignments from looking at feet. We also need to be able to recommend and or comment on a good and healthy hoof. Kheiron College will give you an introduction into Hoof Care for both barefoot and shod horses and how to recognize good and bad examples of both. 

In this topic, students will:

  • Identify the different methods of shoeing and what each is for

  • Explain the benefits of barefoot trimming

  • Identify common hoof ailments and injuries

  • Identify how the hoof can give a clearer indication of what is happening in the horse’s body and correctly diagnose a horse just from 1 hoof

D: Hoof Care

  • D1: Introduction to a Healthy Hoof

  • D2: Reading the Sole 

  • D3: Shoes and Feet

  • D4: Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Feet

  • D5: Common Body Ailments Resulting from Poor Feet

  • D6: Anatomy for Hoof Care