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January 2019 - AND WE ARE LIVE!!!

The Kheiron College Online Equine Performance Diploma went live Monday January 14th 2019! Our first students just embarked on a 12 month online diploma to become Equine Performance Therapists! This course includes intensive practicals and exams, tutorials, lessons, assignments, videos, projects and more.

This is the SOFT LAUNCH in preparation of offering it far and wide, to iron out any kinks, but we are so excited for the future of Kheiron! 

The last 12 months has seen the instructors further their own learning and development to ensure our curriculum is always growing and adapting.

We will now be accepting applications for our 2019/2020 academic year, starting in August 2019.

elearning platform screenshot.jpg

The welcome page!

When students first log in they are greeted with a welcome video, forums and their assignment timetable.