So many ailments are the result of poorly positioned and poorly fitting saddles. Kheiron will provide an introduction into saddle fit for both English and Western disciplines and the importance of proper weight distribution for a healthy back. 

  • Have you ever wondered if your saddle truly fits your horse?

  • Are you contributing to imbalance because of poor saddle fit?

Subtle signs of poor saddle fit can be:

  • not standing still while mounting

  • fidgeting when being saddled

  • hollowing back and holding head high when ridding

To more UNSUBTLE signs like

  • bucking

  • saddle sores

  • muscle atrophy

In this topic, students will:

  • Assess saddle fit in both English and Western

  • Identify rock, flare, and bridging

  • Assess saddle fit both statically and under motion

Module topics for E: SADDLE FIT are:

  • E1: What is a Saddle?

  • E2: The Naked Tree

  • E3: Static and Dynamic Saddle Check

  • E4: If Our Horses Could Speak

  • E5: Saddle Pads and Shims

  • E6: How to Deal with Atrophy

  • E7: Anatomy for Saddle Fit